3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes


Tips & Tricks

Pro-tip: Spray coconut oil is your best friend when making these pancakes. I make sure the pan is nice and oily before every round of cooking, so I’m constantly using more spray.

You can also add vanilla, cinnamon, almonds, chocolate (or carob) chips, or whatever else into the batter. Everything I’ve tried has worked quite nicely.


Everyone likes their pancakes a little differently. Most people like ’em fluffy and traditional, while others like to change things up a bit.

Traditional, Fluffy

I’ve found that the best way to achieve traditional, fluffy pancakes with this recipe is to use a blender to create a really nice, even, frothy batter. I toss the banana and eggs into our Magic Bullet and pulse into it’s nice and smooth. Then I add in the oats and blend. The trick here is to keep adding oats until the batter is, well, batter, and not just all liquid. If the batter is too smooth and runny, you’re not going to flat, crepe-like pancakes. I normally end up using an entire cup of oats when going this route to make a nice think batter.

Thick and Crunchy

The recipe above is presented using this method because it’s what I prefer. Whoops. It only requires using about a half-cup of oats (maybe a little more) to create a nice, smooth textured batter. In this case, the batter ends up looking for like oatmeal cookies than anything, and I am totally here for that.

The Backstory

If it’s a recipe for protein pancakes on the internet, I have tried it. And let’s just say, I have wasted so much time trying all of these “super easy, simple” recipes that just.. don’t work. Most of the recipes out there aren’t actually easy at all – they have random ingredients, you need special equipment, you have to wait 24 hours, or they just aren’t easy to cook. I’m not here for any of that.

Making My Own Way

After failing my way through all of the recipes online, I finally gave up and forged my own path. The recipes I tried that were moderately okay all shared the same few ingredients – eggs, a banana, and protein powder. Maybe it’s the protein powder that we use, but cooking with that sh*t is not easy, and it never tastes good. So I threw that out and replaced it with raw oats. Because protein.