Light Ginger Chicken

What we love about this Light Ginger Chicken Meal Prep Recipe

One thing we all run into a lot with meal prepping is making it interesting. Making meal prep healthy and interesting can be such a challenge, which is why we love finding easy and light sauces like this to toss our food in.

This light ginger chicken meal prep recipe is super easy to make, plus we typically have all or most of these things on hand. We hate when “easy” recipes may be easy to toss together but contain 57 different random  ingredients that require trips to different organic health food stores. It’s obnoxious; we hate it; we don’t do it; and we’re never gonna tell you to do it.

How to make this recipe your own

Honestly, this recipe is really flexible. You can pretty much adjust the levels of most of the ingredients without messing it up. The constants are the stock as the base and the arrowroot starch that thickens it up. We’ve played with different levels of sriracha, ginger, agave, and garlic.

How to meal prep this recipe

When we make this recipe, we pre-cook around 5lbs of chicken—lately we’ve been grilling it. We cube it and toss it in the sauce once it’s ready. You could also cook a bunch of chicken or beef in a wok and toss this sauce in at the end.