Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

Listen, I’m gonna be honest. You can’t always count on me to be ahead of popular trends, but I at least eventually come around. In this case specifically: beard oils.

My friend Tyler started working with Damn Handsome Grooming Co. this summer in Michigan. He’s a photographer by trade, so he’s always sending me cool shots of their awesome products. Lo and behold, after three months of drooling over his kickass photos, I finally decided to check them out. Check out what we received in our first order, and read on to learn more about Damn Handsome (and why we fell in love with them).

Our First Damn Handsome Haul


Great Lakes Beard Oil – $18

I used this oil for the first time today, and I am so impressed. It smells like ylang ylang, pine needles, and rosewood. The scent is just strong enough that it has lasted all day without being overwhelming.

Check it out yourself.

American Ale Beard Oil – $18

The American Ale Beard Oil was actually a gift for my boss who has a gnarly beard. He’s definitely a man’s man (whatever that means), so I figured the cedar & musk would pair nicely his typical doors-off-the-Jeep smell (I’m assuming, here.).

Coconut Porter Shampoo & Body Bar – $9

Holy shit. I mean, damn. When I heard this was actually a thing, it was a no-brainer. I’ve used it a couple of times already and have already deemed it a household essential.

Go ahead, buy 7 for yourself. It’s worth it.



Since I’ve known him, Patrick has never turned down a porter, and he’s never met one he didn’t like. Plus, we use coconut (and coconut oil) for everything, so come on. This is heaven. My hair feels/smells great (which is saying a lot because it’s basically a haystack), and my skin is 100 emoji.

Surprise EveryManInMyLife, this is what you’re getting for your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc.

And if anyone wants to buy me the Coconut Porter Hair Serum, I’ll owe you my first-born.

Why We Like Damn Handsome

Based in Kalamazoo, Damn Handsome uses recycled goods from local craft brewers (e.g., hops!) and all-natural plant ingredients to make all of their craft products in small, controlled batches.

Au naturale? Check. Hand-crafted? Check. Vegan? Check. Animal testing? Hell no.

We love Michigan, and we love craft goods (especially ones that take care of our bodies), so using Damn Handsome products is another no-brainer for us.


Everything in this post is 100% our own opinions. This is not a sponsored post; we just love feeling damn handsome.