How to Make Powdered Sugar


  • 1cup Granulated sugar
  • 1tbsp Cornstarch * **

* Can be substituted for arrowroot or other starch
** Starch is only necessary if you plan on saving the powdered sugar

Do This in This Order

  1. Add sugar to a blender or food processor
  2. If you plan on saving powdered sugar to use later, add the starch
  3. Obliterate the sugar in the blender or processor
  4. That’s…..literally it.

Don’t Ever Buy Powdered Sugar Ever Again

There. I said it. If you’re buying powdered sugar, you are wasting your money. I mean… I don’t mean to be a sensationalist or click-baity… But seriously.

We’ve always struggled with powdered sugar. We use it so infrequently that we were always spending too much money on it (why is it so expensive?) and eventually throwing it all away.

One day we wanted to make lemon cookies but we didn’t have powdered sugar. I huffed and added it to the grocery list, knowing what was going to happen.

Patrick, being the brilliant mind he is, decided to just… Google how to make powdered sugar and his head just dropped.

Powdered sugar is just granulated sugar that’s had the shit beaten out of it. Quite literally, that is it.

We use our Nutri-bullet to make powdered sugar, but you can use a food processor or any blender. It’s just…what. So easy.


Cover Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash