At the Boyfriend Cookbook, we try to do a lot of things differently than other blogs & websites online. We put a ton of time into the content we make, and the last thing we want to do is compromise our vision and your experience by stuffing our site full of gross, irrelevant ads.

Our content sometimes includes affiliate links to other websites to offset the cost of creating and hosting all of this content. Affiliate links contain tracking information—about where the link is coming from, and absolutely not any personal information about you. Depending on the affiliate program terms, we may be compensated by the number of clicks on the link or by the percentage of sales made through the program. Clicking on affiliate links and making purchases through them doesn’t change anything for you, especially not the price. What is does do is help us out!

We really care about the content we make, the brands we work with, and you; therefore, we will never include an affiliate link to a product or service we don’t use ourselves.

TL;DR: Affiliate links don’t impact you or your privacy in any way. BUT, they are a great & easy way to support the Boyfriend Cookbook if our recommendations strike a chord with you.