Simple Roasted Root Veggies

Easy Roasted Vegetables

Listen. You need to eat more vegetables. I think so. The FDA thinks so. Your mom thinks so.

Now, there are a ton of veggies out there, but chances are (like me), you don’t like a lot of them. So it’s easy to wear yourself out eating the same veggies prepared the same ways. THIS, however, will change the game for you.

We love to constantly mix up the assortment of veggies when we roast so that it always tastes differently. We really like root vegetables, and we also like using vegs that are in season.

This recipe is so flexible that we have used the gamut of veggies, and everything always turns out great. Trying switching up your oils, adding in whole cloves of garlic, adding random vegetables, and this dish will always be so delicious.

PRO-TIP: Roasting vegetables in bulk is also A+ for meal prepping. So yeah. I mean, just LOOK.