Homemade Guacamole with Hatch Chilies

If our generation is going to ruin the economy with avocado toast or whatever, I say we throw homemade guacamole into the mix to bring down the world. Who needs a mortgage when there’s plenty of homemade guacamole to go around?

Hatch Chili Guacamole Recipe

Let’s Talk Guac

There are many types of guacamole in this world (and for that we are truly blessed), and we like to narrow them down to 2 distinct categories: sweet/tangy and savory. The rich spices and fresh herbs really make this guacamole recipe super savory, especially when adding in freshly roasted hatch chilies.

Hatch chilies? What? There’s a reason we use these beautifully fresh hatch chilies. (Hint: they’re only available for a short time every year.)

So whether you like super tangy, salty and kinda sweet guacamole or earthy and savory guacamole like this recipe, thanks for doing your part to bring down the economy or whatever.


• • •

This recipe has been adapted from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen’s Hatch Chili Guacamole recipe.