The Best Simple Margaritas (3 Ingredients)

So listen. We’ve been on a real margarita kick for the last few months. Honestly, for the first 6 years of our relationship, we rarely ordered Mexican food; and because of that tragedy, we never really got margaritas. Nowadays, we get tacos almost every Friday night – rotating because some amazing local haunts, but mostly just The Livery and La Mulita (Hey, Stacey!). So you could say we’re making up for lost time.

Yes, Just 3 Ingredients in this Margarita

If you’ve read any of our other recipes at all, you know that we’re not here for basic anything, especially pre-made ingredients or mixes, which is why we really love this simple margarita recipe. Most recipes call for simple syrup, store-bought sour mix (gross), or margarita mix. NOPE. Not here. Not on our watch. Besides, using these 3 ingredients is SO MUCH CHEAPER than sugary & syrupy margarita mix.

Margarita Tips & Tricks

First and foremost, your choice of tequila is really going to be the deal-breaker and -maker here. I’m not entirely sure who Jose Cuervo is, so splurge a little on a silver tequila or better. (We normally go for Espolòn Blanco.) Next, don’t ever ever ever settle for a sugary mix or pre-made sour mix — time to grow up and make your own sour mix. We didn’t use sour mix for this recipe because we wanted to save you a few steps. Besides, the natural agave blends so well with the tequila (same plant!) and the fresh lime really just polishes it off.