A+ Vegan Tofu Scramble

Listen, here’s the issue I have with a lot of vegan recipes online: these people don’t seem to make these recipes on a regular basis. They often talk a big game but its the ‘brand’ they’ve curated for themselves online. That’s a huge reason why The Boyfriend Cookbook exists. These recipes are ours. These are the things we make on a regular basis. It’s not just stuff we try out to try out and then never revisit. We make this stuff because we like this stuff. And we keep making it and keep making it and keep making it until we can’t help but to share it.

About the Recipe

That being said, there are a lot of tofu scramble recipes online, but rest assured, this one is time-tested in the Soltys-Curry kitchen. We’ve been making this for years now, and we can’t get enough. It’s to the point where I 100% prefer this over regular eggs, and that’s saying a lot.

Where the Flavor Comes From

The two key ingredients in this recipe are the turmeric and the nooch (nutritional yeast). You can deal without the nooch (some even substitute tahini paste), but the turmeric is vital. This bright yellow powder packs a mean punch, even in small doses, and will give your scramble a beautiful color and a rich taste. If you’ve never cooked with nutritional yeast before, you gotta. Now is the time. The little flakes make any dish so much better by adding a little texture and a nice, almost cheesy, taste.

The Tofu

The tofu you use isn’t super important, but we always prefer Trader Joe’s Organic Super Firm tofu for most of our meals because it’s ready to rock and roll right out of the package. In the tofu scramble it really just reduces the cook time. If you use a softer tofu, you definitely want to get rid of a lot of the moisture, but it’s really not that important.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that if you leave out the kale and peppers, you’ve got your basic vegan scrambled eggs. Can’t beat it.

So without further ado, here’s the recipe for our Vegan Tofu Scramble.